Wednesday, January 8, 2014

12/30-1/5: Cycling Outside and Multisport Club Debates

Last week's featured workout took place on Thursday, January 2 - a ride outside with MX12 teammate Jenna-Caer.

Jenna moved here a few months ago from Scotland (via Calgary and Texas) which is awesome, because yay, training buddy. She and her husband recently bought a house near my old stomping grounds so when she suggested a ride from the new house, I said sure ... with a few caveats:

1.) We waited until it got semi-warm (50s, ideally); and

2.) We'd take it easy.

Number two is because Jenna is AWESOME, and I had ridden once since IMAZ.

The ride was short and sweet, but I was able to keep up (yay). More importantly, I was able to show her some hills and show a few options on where she can go for rides of a lot longer duration. It was also good for me and my resolution on hills on the bike this year (woo).

Post-ride selfie!

Definitely fun, and hopefully something we can do again in the future.

Also of note:

I swam the 5th at our preferred pool, also down South from where we live. I wore my IMAZ jacket that morning to the gym and naturally then to a nearby Starbucks (got gas then decided to get coffee while waiting for the Target pharmacy to open).

While wearing the jacket, I got approached twice:

- A woman came up asking about it, and said that we crazy people are a huge inspiration.

- The president of Altitude Multisport Club came up to me (apparently AMC holds a weekly Sunday am swim at Parker Rec Center and then comes over to Starbucks afterward) and invited me to join their swims/club.

He then asked my bib number at AZ ... I thought to figure out my time, but really it was to track me down and send me an e-mail reiterating the invite. I haven't e-mailed back yet ... partially because I'm not sure if I want to join a local tri team and partially because I don't know if I want to be constantly driving at least 15, 20 minutes to train all the time. I will respond (rude not to), but I'm still trying to figure out what to say.

Joining probably would be good - especially regarding my swim - site says they have swim coaches at these things - but I don't know. I don't know if I'm scared, or if I just don't want to go through the months of awkwardness with a new group of people. It took me damn near three years to open up fully at Run Colorado - do I really want to go through that again? Being the shy kid sucks.

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