Monday, June 10, 2013

Week Twenty-Three: 6/3-6/9

Another week down, and another good week. Had to shift a few things around and adjust (as you'll see), but I got everything in, and that's what matters.

Monday, June 3: Stretching: 17:00
- oh god i hurt
- this felt really, really, REALLY good
- These stretching sessions show how beat up I am, but they also are truly restorative. I'm glad these are being scheduled in regularly - at least twice a week.

Tuesday, June 4: Bike: 17.18 mi in 57:32; avg cad 78; 17.92 mph
- 32.3 mph max
- 5430 course pre-ride
- first five miles still suck ass
Run: 3.37 mi in 31:43.41 - 9:24/mi
- Run CO pub run
- new route again
- tried my hardest to keep it "easy"
- First triathlete tramp stamp sunburn from the bike. Not as initially long as we would have liked, but great to figure out shifting and gearing for our race. Run ... is about standard right now.

Wednesday, June 5: Lift: 34:00
- 3/20 ball extensions; 3/10/10 back extensions; 3/10 captain's chair; 1,2/10/60,70 lat pulldowns; 2,1/10/10,12 incline db flies; 3/10 tricep dips; 1,2/10/120, 140 rotary calf; 3/10/90 angled leg press
- decent lift
- foam-rolled beforehand
- Original plan was to get in our first OWS of the season, but temps in the low-50s and rain aren't really wise to swim in ... especially because the water at Aurora is generally cold. So this was a good alternative.

Thursday, June 6: Run: 5.43 mi in 48:55 - 9:00/mi
- MX12 treadmill set - intermediate
- a lot more difficult today
- Was supposed to do the recovery trainer set, too, but time was NOT on my side. I figure I got in the more important workout, though, and am okay with that. Besides, I can fit that trainer set in later this week.

Friday, June 7: Swim: 800m in 17:05.08 - 2:08/100m
- 8x100m
- this was rough
- Slipped on the plan today. Plan was to do 1600 (now doing that Sunday), but I got home from work and just zoned. I can't even describe it - it's like I lost time. Might be a sign I need sleep and rest and a lot of it ...

Saturday, June 8: Run: 6 mi in 1:02:12 - 10:22/mi
- kinda Run CO Saturday AM run
- took it easy
Bike: 8.12 mi in 33:16; avg cad 74; 14.65 mph
- 26.0 mph max; 153 max cad
- Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver I: workout A: technique
- legs hurt
- Another good, solid day. Cranky a little that it wasn't just a run/stretch day, but meh. Wore compression tights at work this evening.

Sunday, June 9: Swim: 1600m in 36:12.86 - 2:15/100m
- 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m
- arms did not start feeling good until 500m in and then started dying at 1300m
Bike: 17.34 mi in 1:04:54; avg cad 61; 16.03 mph
- 29.2 mph max
- gym, 470 trail, CC trail, back
- actually took a ride easy for once!
Stretching: 13:00
- That was another huge training day - I think the tights helped a lot. That being said, the stretching was my favorite part of the day.

This upcoming week gets to be marginally easier, mostly because we have our first race of the season (5430 Sprint) on Sunday. Yay.

Weekly training time: 6:55:50
Weekly training mileage: 58.93 mi
Yearly training time: 94:23:44
Yearly training mileage: 665.33 mi

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