Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week Twenty-Five: 6/17-6/23

In which we make mistakes ... but as long as we learn from them, it's all good, right?

Monday, June 17: Stretching: 15:00
- getting out post-tri soreness
- shoulders, hip flexors, butt, calves
- Out of all the stretching I've done, this has felt some of the most rewarding. Still so, so sore, though.

Tuesday, June 18: Run: 3.37 mi in 31:48.81 - 9:26/mi
- Run CO pub run
- Had a recovery trainer session scheduled as well, but was way too exhausted to think about it when I got home from a long day at work. Got the run in and I'm happy. ALSO: new watch, as my Timex died. Again.

Wednesday, June 19: Swim: 400 yds in 7:21:46 - 1:50/100 yds
- two loops at Aurora
- cold made it a bit tricky
- second loop better than the first
- Was going to ride as well, but we decided to hold off with the heat and wind. So we grabbed lunch ... and lunch killed us ... felt nauseous and awful the rest of the day. Lesson ... learned.

Thursday, June 20: Bike: 13.39 mi in 40:13; avg cad 91; 19.98 mph
- 37.4 mph max
- MX12 over-unders set
- handled it this time ...
- Moved around my workouts and decided on this rather than Troy - glad I did. Lasered in my focus and killed the session.

Friday, June 21: Swim: 1600m in 36:10.72 - 2:15/100m
- 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 100m
- snack of marble loaf beforehand
- paused after 50m in the 500m set due to mucus
Run: 1.69 mi in 20:00 - 11:49/mi
- aborted MX12 roly-polies set
- hills, they kill me
- someday i'll be able to make it through this set ...
- Disappointed I didn't get a full run in, but I'm learning and exposing weaknesses in my failure which is always a good thing. Not a good thing - getting food anxiety again. I think as I'm starting to make gains in my physical appearance, my brain starts going haywire ... which is NOT good.

Saturday, June 22: Bike: 16.28 mi in 1:00:03; avg cad 86; 16.27 mph
- 25.7 mph max
- part of the Spinervals Tempe ride DVD
- hot; struggled
- The stale air and heat factor hurt a lot. This is mentally tough and I realized the only time I've made it through the entire way was when Brandon was around. Can't do this one alone, unfortunately.

Sunday, June 23: Run: 3.95 mi in 38:00.49 - 9:37/mi
- amended out-and-back
- hot; waited too long to run
- bad upper ab cramp made me stop
- Would have liked to do more, but not to be. That run was horribly painful and miserable. Wanted to puke for most of that run.

Oh the learning experiences of this week. What did T learn this week, class? Here's the rundown:
- Golden Corral is ALWAYS a bad idea. NEVER a good one.
- stretching is the most wonderful thing on the planet.
- cold open water swims are best approached with low expectations. What I didn't mention in the workout log is that my lips actually turned slightly blue in the water.
- I need a LOT more hill training in my running. Not necessarily for IMAZ, but because it'll make me a stronger runner.
- While I still get food anxiety, I can at least notice it and recognize it ... combating it is still tricky though, unfortunately.
- I shouldn't do the Tempe ride DVD alone because I'm never going to be alone on that course. I should also probably get a fan/open the patio door for that one ...
- It's summer. I need to hydrate more. DUH. Probably most of my issues ...

Weekly training time: 4:08:39
Weekly training mileage: 39.89 mi
Yearly training time: 101:37:20
Yearly training mileage: 728.82 mi

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