Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week Twenty-Four: 6/10-6/16

Week 24, in which my body revolts.

Monday, June 10: Stretching: 15:00
- neck, shoulders, calves and butt the tightest
- seriously, neck
- I love having my "off days" be stretch days. I don't know how much I'm going to repeat myself with this, either, but OMG STRETCHING I LOVE YOU.

Tuesday, June 11: Run: 2.9 mi in 28:31.20 - 9:49/mi
- Run CO pub run
- in a grass skirt and leis in 90+ degree weather
- this hurt. a lot.
- tried adidas boost shoes - BAD IDEA. feet KILLED
- Very fun run, but conditions (and tester shoes) made it utterly miserable. Also tried to nap beforehand - not a good idea. Also attempted and OWS at Aurora - still a bit too chilly ...

Wednesday, June 12: Off: exhausted
- Horrible, horrible day at work left me physically and emotionally drained. Tried to muster up energy and motivation, but failed horribly.

Thursday, June 13: Off: exhausted
- This week is not only making me hate my job, it's also showing me how beat up and broken I truly am. I can't get enough sleep and can't find energy.

Friday, June 14: Walking: 25:00
- to and from dinner
- woo, activity
- SO GLAD this was my last day of work this week. It's been a horrible week, but it's also been a fantastic learning experience of what I need to try to avoid happening later this summer as IM training truly ramps up ... because if how I handled this/how my body reacted is an indication of things to come, I'm in for a loooong summer/fall.

Saturday, June 15: Swim: 500 yds in 7:27.31 - 1:39/100yds
- two OW swim loops at Boulder
Bike: 1.6 mi in 7:01; avg cad 56, 13.68 mph
- 26.9 mph max
- quick loop around the block
Run: .24 mi in 2:11.96 - 9:10/mi
- shake out run
- Workouts to get the blood pumping, try out open water and test out our new MX12 kits!

Sunday, June 16: Triathlon: Boulder Sprint Tri in 1:44:39
- .5 mi swim in 20:07 - 2:30/100m
- 15 mi bike in 48:56 - 18.39 mph, avg cad 85; 33.1 mph max
- 3.1 mi run in 30:45 - 9:53/mi
- T1 in 2:39, T2 in 2:12
- A race that was better once I put it into perspective. Wasn't the biggest fan of the new swim start and made some stupid mistakes on the bike with shifting. Still, a technical race PR, so I'll take it.

This week was frustrating in that I took most of it off ... like I usually do the week before a race. I know it was an "easy" week, but I did NOT want to take that much time off. Still, as I had in my Friday notes, it was a great learning experience for me, and that is valuable. I'll also go more into detail about the race here shortly ...

Weekly training time: 3:04:59
Weekly training mileage: 23.6 mi
Yearly training time: 97:28:43
Yearly training mileage: 688.93 mi

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