Monday, May 20, 2013

Today, the journey begins. Ironman on the horizon!

Like a boxer dancing towards his opponent, today, I begin the dance towards Ironman Arizona.

I've prepped my body for the last 6 months just getting into "training" shape.  Overall, I think I've done a decent job.  My running is improving, my cycling is definitely getting better, and my swimming has been consistent.  I'm physically stronger, and hopefully mentally stronger as well. 

I will need the support of my friends throughout this journey.  The motivation cannot just come from within.  On that note, I also need the kicks in the butt to push me when I am tired and want to give up.

This journey of training will be talked about a lot with me.  Consuming is a good way to describe it.  And you will all be kept updated with training times, notes, and other things.  

Now let's get it done!

1 comment:

  1. Well, I won'r quote Mike Tyson to you about his feelings about plans, but I will wish you well on your training!

    If you can stay injury free, you will be fine!

    Loved the stall analogy, wish I had thought of that!