Friday, May 3, 2013

April Round-Up

While March was pretty awesome, April was not quite as good. Which, of course, you'd know if you were following along. :-p

Running: 35.66 mi
Swimming: 3400m (2.11 mi)
Cycling: 51.25 mi
Lifting: one session
Other: nada

Running is still moving along. I didn't run nearly as much as I would have liked this month and definitely didn't get on the treadmill as much as I should have, but I'm starting to see sub-9:00s, and I'm not entirely sure I saw those at all last year, so woo for that.

Swimming, which had been going oh so well, finally started to suck again. I knew I would hit a wall with it; it was only a matter of time. The time has come and oh sweet jeebus it's awful.

I quit getting along with my old bike, Bob, and essentially quit riding him the first half of the month. Mid-month, I got my new bike and despite some growing pains, I'm enjoying her a lot. I'll hopefully have a post up regarding the new bicycles ... this weekend.

The true lack of everything else is really frustrating. It's the little things, like lifting, that truly help build the base and base-building took a step back this month. We hit a rut and I'm not sure why and I don't like it at all. I'm hoping May can be better, because quite frankly, it needs to be. Also, from the math we've done, IMAZ training officially starts the 20th and we need to get crackin' on figuring out our training plan, too.

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