Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Skippy Chronicles

Meet Skippy.

Trainer Time

This is Skippy the Green Monstah, our trainer. He's a douche. (he's also a kinetic road machine fluid trainer.)

Okay, technically we've only hung out with him twice (photos are from session numero uno), but we've already decided he's not a nice guy. Ultimately, I'm sure we'll end up thanking Skippy for being a part of our existence at some point (probably when we get used to him ... and when we get his climbing block cousin), but for right now, he sucks.

Right now, 20 minutes on Skippy is extremely rough. 20 minutes on Skippy is not 20 minutes consecutively. Which is frustrating and, in some respects, embarrassing.

Still, we'll keep on plugging on Skippy, much like you see below.

Trainer Time
Brandon finding something to watch before hopping on Skippy.

Trainer Time
Brandon on Skippy.

Trainer Time
Me on Skippy. Obviously this was within my first five minutes because I'm smiling.

For those of you who have been on trainers before ... we ditched the sweatshirts shortly after. I'm also going to try and dig an old fan out of storage to use while on Skippy.

Hopefully, Skippy gets to be an easier bastard to work with, or at least more tolerable. Either way, we'll probably keep you updated on our progress with Skippy the Green Monstah.

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