Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! December Recap! Oh My!

Happy New Year to all our readers out there. I hope the holiday season was good to you. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to face 2011 with a full head of steam. 2010 was an ok year, not good, not bad, but 2011, I'm determined to make it better than 2010.

First, I'll bring you my December recap. Let's just say it's nothing to write home about. There were way too many off days, due to stress of the holiday season/recovering from the 1/2 Marathon/I'm just lazy. I did quite a bit of lifting, thankfully, but my running suffered dramatically after the 1/2 marathon (3 times I got out there...3). I did no cycling and no swimming. Quite frankly, I sucked in December.

But let's put it behind us, shall we?

What am I looking for achieving in 2011? Quite a few things, actually.

- Complete Boulder 70.3
- Improve in triathlon overall
- Ride, Ride, Ride
- More yoga
- Complete Denver 1/2 Marathon, and achieve my less then 10:00 per mile

Those are just my fitness goals. In terms of life, I want to make some changes and learn some things. For instance, one of my biggest goals is to rediscover my spiritual side. For years now, I've been struggling in terms of spirituality and would like to rediscover that. I'd also like to eat healthier, which means I'm going to be forcing down a lot more vegetables. I'm going to be getting married (yay!!!!! Go us!!!) and once married, my financial house of cards needs to be in perfect order. I'm planning on having my debt eliminated by the end of the year and therefore, what I make will be ours. In addition to all this, I want to try to learn French, get my logbooks updated for flying, not get computer viruses (stupid TV shows), take good care of my car, and make sure that 2011 overall is a great year.

Finally, look for more blog posts on this site. Not necessarily posts just about our workouts (I ran 3.65 miles today. Go me) but articles, things I discover about nutrition and health, and opinions.

Thanks to all of you for supporting T and I through what was an extremely difficult 2010. Mark and Kris, you guys are so cute! Lindsey, keep running and get your butt over to the triathlon world! Dr. J, keep the wheels pointed towards the ground. :-)


  1. Lots to think about here, Brandon!

    One of the reasons I don't run marathons is that really, I can do more running with just the training and not having to take time off before and especially after a marathon, to say nothing of all the injuries that people get from the distance.

    I lived in France for a while and still can't speak the language :-)

    Congratulations on the marriage plans, you are a lucky guy!!

  2. Hi Dr. J, yep, lots to think about, lots to chew on, lots to digest. I would like to just pick up enough French to be able to have a conversation with someone, I think. Maybe like a level 1 or 2.

    And yep, I'm lucky. I get to marry my best friend and my motivator. :-)