Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santa Barbara...ahhhhhh

I know, this has been a longtime coming. I think my computer is stable enough to do this...for now anyway. Blah.

Anyway, the other day, we had a long layover in Santa Barbara. While the rest of the country was shivering in cold and snow, Santa Barbara was forecasting a high of 65 degrees. Yeah, sweet. I had heard from various other crews that this overnight was something special, so I decided to take advantage.

After a nice breakfast, I decided to head out for a run. Keep in mind, my running shoes and bag were still MIA, so I was on my old Mizunos. I was just going to go for a short run to the beach. The hotel girl told me how to get there, so off I went. Right outside our hotel was a lemon orchard. That was really cool to see!

I ran west, hoping to run into the ocean...but I kept zigzagging through neighborhoods and couldn't really find where I was going. Dejected, I decided to turn back to the hotel, my run taking much longer than anticipated. However, I wasn't too worried about time, because as soon as I got back, I was renting a cruiser bike from them! That's right, I rented a cruiser bike. Talk about fun!

I hopped on the bike and this time, had my iPhone with me, which led me right to the beach. I walked out on a pier and just took in the ocean. It was most pleasant and relaxing. I then sat in the sand and just reflected. I promised myself it would be a great year. Then I took off to toodle around Santa Barbara, and more importantly, find In 'N Out, which I did!

Basically, it was a great day of fitness, working out, and just overall happiness.

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  1. Sounds like a real fun time, Brandon!

    With your superior navigation skills, I'm glad you don't have to venture near the Bermuda Triangle :-)

    Just kidding, buddy! I got lost running in Berlin one time. Good thing it had a wall then, lol!