Friday, January 28, 2011

Adventures in Snowy Minnesota

... that sadly don't include any of our buddies. Boo. :(

I have a fun blog post from today's GORGEOUS 65 degree day, but that'll wait until ... later this weekend, hopefully. For now, I have a past due post from this last weekend when Brandon and I were in Minnesota for a short weekend.

The trip was mainly to give Brandon's parents their Christmas gifts and so Brandon could get a new laptop (we think his officially died today. r.i.p. lappy.) ... and also so we could work on invitation stuff for the wedding.

In any case, we wanted to work out while we were there, but knew that it was going to be waaaaay too cold to run ... unless you're of a certain breed. Which we're not. Yet.

So, we decided to improvise. Since Brandon's special and gets to check bags for free, we decided to bring out sticks, skates and snowshoes. When we got in Saturday night, we headed over to meet up with one of his roommates from college and his wife and go play a little pond hockey at Pearl Park. We were already on the ice when it occurred to me, duh, I should have brought my camera, but at that point, I said, ah, screw it, and kept on skating.

That was the first time in over a year that we'd been able to play a little puck - informal as it was - and it was AWESOME. I miss hockey, I really do. I just don't seem to have the time for it.

On Sunday, because we mostly just sat around the house all day, we did get out the snowshoes and tromped around for a good hour/90 minutes. Below are some selected photos of the fun (and yes, we sledded some too).

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
Brandon trying to go off of some ramp that the neighborhood kids built.

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
Me attempting to go down the hill in the sled AND snowshoes. It didn't turn out too well.

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
Brandon after going down the hill face-first. Might not have been a smart idea.

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
Attempting to slide down a slide. It didn't work too well - I think my padded butt was too big/friction-y.

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
Snowshoes and swings.

Snowshoeing in Minnesota
One can't really pump one's legs when one is attempting to swing with snowshoes on and deep snow around.

Anyway, fun times regardless ... even though next time I'm out there, I want to see some more peeps.

Coming soon: post about my first unofficial brick of the year!


  1. I want to see you guys too! Frozen Four, yes?

  2. You are warriors! I visited my brother one winter in LA. We took the car into the mountains about an hour away, got some inflated inner tubes and went tubing down some great snow covered hills! Back in the car, returned to the 75 degrees in LA. That's the way a Florida boy does it :-)

  3. lindsey - i'll be out for the f5 for sure and we'll both be out for the frozen four. heard you're only coming down for the latter, though.

    dr. j - we're still not as crazy as some people we know! there's also a reason that when we do ironman, it's going to be a late-season one. screw training heavy in this cold and snowy crap.