Monday, January 10, 2011

1.9.11 Snow Run

So yesterday, we had a run on the schedule. We typically try to run about three times a week (i don't do so well running back-to-back days, so this works nicely for me) and Sunday marked day three.

However, it was kind of cold. And snowing. Snowing kind of a lot.

Colorado decided it didn't want any snow this winter until 2011 and we've gotten a few storms since the new year began (and one right before). However, training is training and when you've gotta run, you've gotta run.

Due to the crap in Brandon's post below, he almost didn't come with me, but decided, after all, to go be crazy and run in the snow with me.

Our run, in a few pictures:

1.9 Snow Run
Brandon ready to run.

1.9 Snow Run
Me ready to go. I'm wearing running tights, UnderArmour spandex shorts (tights are a bit too big up top), running skirt, running tank, tech t, long-sleeved tech shirt, toasty SkirtSports jacket, gloves, ear mitts and two hats. Why so much on top? Gotta keep that core warm ... it also surprisingly helps the breathing, too.

We decided on just a short run due to the snow and the conditions - 2.2 miles - and it was rough.

Random question to insert here ... why, when it snows, is it ALWAYS blowing in your face?

Since Brandon was on reserve, he had to carry his phone with him just in case he got called. His company didn't call him, but another important call did come in that he had to take so we did end up walking a good chunk of the run just so he could talk on the phone. And yes, I suppose we could have stopped moving, but it was cold and the snow was definitely coming down harder at that point so we decided that staying mobile was the best option.

Besides, by the end of the run, I was running with my hand up to try to block the wet snow from hitting my half-frozen face.

1.9 Snow Run
Brandon after the run. He ditched his sunglasses because they were fogging up which is why you get the epic eyelash pic.
1.9 Snow Run
Me afterward. White jacket makes me look less epic. However, please note that my once red toque is now white.

After these quick photos, we hopped inside, shed a few layers and made some oatmeal to help get our core temp back up (nifty tip I read here) ... even though aside from our faces (and my ankles; space in between tights and shoes), we weren't all that cold.

Still, mmm, oatmeal.

1.9 Snow Run
With probably more brown sugar than was necessary. Oh well; tasty!

1.9 Snow Run
Brandon eating his oatmeal. Foggy, due to the moisture/condensation on my camera lens. Stupid winter.

So that was my overly long, rambly blog post about a run that for us, was kind of epic given that last year, we would have said, "ah screw it" and not gone even though many of the others on our blog roll (whether they know we exist or not) would have done like 8 miles in the same conditions. But for us, it was a big step.

I'm just even more thankful now that the weather stayed good for Vegas training.

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  1. I ran in snow plenty of times in the northeast while in med school. It was fun! Ice, freezing rain, not so fun :-)