Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December Round-Up

If you actually pay attention to the post tags, I usually tag these round-up posts with "progress." I didn't for this post because December didn't really have any progress to it. Of course, December wasn't meant to have a lot of progress. It was meant as our last month of relaxation. And boy, was it.

Let's go to the numbers ...

Running: 27.47 miles (average went down about 14 seconds/mile)
Swimming: Negatory, once again. (same ol' average)

Cycling: 2.7 miles (not that it counts, but average went down .2 mph)
Lifting: four sessions (been worse)
Other: one time ice skating, one crazy snowy walk

It IS good that this month saw my overall fastest running time average (10:06.26/mi). It also saw my fastest run of the year - a three mile run I did with a group at Boulder Running Company's holiday party (8:45.79/mi) ... the one time I cracked 9:00/mi all year. It's also good that I FINALLY got back on skates for the first time in over a year.

Also good from December: training Christmas gifts! I bought Brandon a FitDeck for when he travels (though i know i'll use it too), We FINALLY bought ourselves a trainer (will have a post soon on that ... hopefully) and Brandon got me lessons at SwimLabs so I can really finally fo' sho' get my crawl to a dominating force. Or enough to survive Boulder 70.3. Either way.

Overall, I think I'm happy with the way the year went. Running was AMAZING. It wasn't my fastest year, but I ran more this year than I had the previous two combined. Cycling could have gone better and it's something I know I need to work on a ton for next year. Same thing with swimming.

But for now, and for January, it's time to make "like a LEGO" (our theme) and start building the blocks for our race season, as it'll be our most challenging to date.

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