Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Round-Up

September was tabbed our month of renewal, because lord knows we needed it after our horrible, horrible August.

Well, we're in October now, so was September a success? I would say yes for the following reasons:

- I cut the amount of off days I had from 19 to seven. That's right, seven. That is a yay.
- The diet revamp went well and I've actually lost some weight. More importantly, my clothes are fitting a bit better.
- I put in my second highest mileage month in terms of running.
- I ACTUALLY LIFTED ON A SEMI-CONSISTENT BASIS! I've been meaning to do that all freaking year.

However, there were a few bad spots to September ... mainly in terms of my swimming and cycling. Yes, one could argue that those could technically fall by the wayside now that I'm doing half-marathon training ... but one would be ignoring the fact that I'm still desirous of actually doing a half-Ironman by the end of next summer. AND am transitioning over to crawl. So y'know.

Anyway, numbers!

Running: 44.8 miles (average went down 21 seconds/mile)
Swimming: .87 miles (average went up 24 seconds/mile)(also did about 400, 500m crawl work)
Cycling: 6.1 miles (average went down 2 mph)
Lifting: eight sessions (woo hoo, twice a week average!)
Other: fail, fail, fail.

October's theme is keep on keepin' on. This half-marathon training is already trying to turn into a grind, but we've got to focus in on it. I haven't missed a scheduled run yet and I plan to keep it that way. In other workout hopes ...

- I hope to lift about the same. I think it's working out pretty well.
- Swimming numbers can stay low-ish, as long as I'm putting in a lot of crawl work (which i'm not timing until i can put in some distance consistently)
- I neeeeeeed to get on my bike more, even if it's just for random jaunts around the neighborhood. Gotta keep those legs moving.
- Yoga has been sounding good to me for the past month but I haven't done any ... that needs to change.
- Playing hockey again might not be the worst idea, either.


  1. Good for you! Definitely a better month and it shows in your results!

  2. Your half marathon schedule looks great and judging by what you have accomplished in September across your different types of training, you will rock at the RnR half in Vegas. 59 days!!!