Sunday, October 17, 2010

I didn't want to run

Like T had a week ago, I was faced with a dilema yesterday. I had slept on the crew room couch yesterday and ended up having a very long day. I was also faced with the prospect of running in New Orleans. We don't stay in a safe neighborhood there (not that it's a safe place anyway) and on top of that, I hadn't eaten well all day, so I really, quite frankly, didn't want to even hit the treadmill.

I did.

It might have only been 2 miles, and I face the prospect of running again tonight in DC.

But I did it.

Last year, so easy to put off. So easy to just say "pack it in for tonight, Brandon". Not last night.

Does this show progress? Yes. Am I proud? Yes. Do I still have work to do? Absolutely. Back on the horse.


  1. Sometimes we just have to get it done, and I'm glad you did, Brandon! I've never regretted running after I've finished one :-)

  2. There have been plenty of times I thought I really had a good reason to NOT run. But you have to remind yourself of how much better you feel when you are done. Great work, keep it up! 45 days to go! :D