Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Difference Two Years Makes

If I haven't already mentioned it before, I log my training both manually and on a program on Facebook called Voomaxer. I love my manual log, but Voomaxer is nice in that it compiles all the numbers and miles and whatnot together for me.

The other thing it does is keep track of how many miles you have on your equipment (so, goggles, bike, running shoes, etc.).

After today's run (which felt awesome, by the way), I decided to randomly click on the equipment tab:

Saucony Progrid Omni 6
over 2 years old 148.76 mi

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8
over 1 year old 253.25 mi

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9*
4 months old 17.53 mi

Nike Zoom Structure Triax 13
4 months old 142.93 mi

Yeah. A pair of shoes I had two years ago I wore for 150 miles (well, probably a little more than that since i started voomaxer-ing after i bought them) ... and now, after four months, I have the same mileage on my current pair of shoes.

Crazy, huh?

* These were the ones I got just before BoulderBOLDER and hated. I've worn them once since I got the Nikes and that was because I was doing some condensed days of running and I wanted to let the Nikes poof back out or whatever shoes do.

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