Friday, October 8, 2010

My September Recap

We all know how awful our August was. Why it was awful, I'm not really sure. Burnout, perhaps? Exhaustion? Just overall tired with the whole grind of the season? Probably a combo of all of the above. But September, I was determined to rebound. Determined to get the 1/2 training off on the right foot (hehe). Determined to shed some poundage that I had started to accumulate. And you know what? All of that happened.

Let's take a look at September.

- I ran. A lot. 12 times, in fact
- I lifted. A lot. 7 times. And man, do I feel better
- Still managed some swimming and cycling. Not much. But some.
- Only 8 off days. And most were due to commute. Only 1 or 2 were just "eh, I'll relax".

I also accomplished an 8 mile run for only the 2nd time in my short career, my pace is looking good, and I am starting to feel stronger. I also have shed approx. 5 pounds and my clothes are already fitting better. All in all, I felt it was a very good month.

Now, for October, we're already a week in, but things are looking good already. I would like to swim a bit more this month, and my running to grow a bit faster. Also, I need to continue with the lifting. I'm starting to feel stronger in the core, as well as in my chest. I'm going to keep it up here, people. I'm liking this transformation. And as T mentioned, this is starting to become a grind. But I'm not too concerned right now. I'm determined to make this work. :-)

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