Thursday, March 4, 2010

MY February Recap

Yeah yeah, I know I've been lacking on getting this done, but really, I've been flying a lot and sending out resumes and yeah. So it comes a few days late but that's ok.

Anyway, as T put it, February is the Monday of months. My parents are both born in February, which means I have to spend extra money in Feb. I also got my "we don't like your company so we're disbanding it" notice, the Vikings didn't play in the Super Bowl, etc. etc. etc. Basically, it's not a good month. And as a result, working out suffers.

Amazingly, my mileage was good in February both in swimming and running. My frequency though decreased. I ran 7 times for 18.91 miles, swam 5 times for 2.95 miles, one stationary bike, three treadmill sprints, and one room lift.

Another thing that happened in February is my diet suffered. I was doing tough 4 day trips and also, I think after the news of Lynx broke, my diet got worse. That is something that I must improve for March.

But there are good things that happened in Feb. We both learned a lot about our bodies. I pushed it up to 1000 meters. The hill of death is getting easier. And most importantly, it's over. March is here. Springtime. Rebirth. All that crap. It's time to start pushing ourselves. Time to start increasing mileage and speed. Time to get out on the bike. It's time to grow.

And on that note, I'm going for a long run in Fargo, since I have that kind of time today. :-)

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