Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Round-Up

Oh hey, look, I'm back like I promised!

I'm not going to lie; February was a very difficult month for both of us in terms of working out. January is easy because we're all motivated due to the new year and a new start. March is the start of spring and April through September ... well, you're in season at that point so it's no problem.

February though ... there's not much good about it. It's cold, there's nothing all that exciting in it (Olympics this year notwithstanding, but the WO aren't as exciting and motivating as the SO anyway, but I digress ... and Valentine's Day really doesn't count) ... the only good thing about February is that it's short. It's the Monday of months if you will.

Anyway, even though February felt awful, when I looked at my logs, I worked out 14 of 28 days. 50%. That's obviously not what I want, especially when some of those days off were in three-four day chunks. However, when I break it down to the point where I technically averaged out working every other day, it doesn't seem quite so bad.

The month finished off on an off day which I don't quite like, but eh. Anyway, the numbers:

Running: 20.94 miles (average went down 18.38 seconds/mile)
Swimming: 3.29 miles (average went down 1:42.03/mile)(5300m)
Cycling: 16.2 miles (two sessions on the stationary bike)
Lifting: two sessions
Other: nothing. boo.

Though I didn't run or swim as much as I did in January, my times still went down and they went down in each run and swim I did so it's not just due to a smaller amount of miles. Cycling dropped more than I wanted (boo) and lifting was, well, about the same as last month.

All in all, February wasn't as good as I would have liked. Still, for a crappy month in still what is the triathlon off season, I'll take it.

Plus, March is already off to a decent start as I've dragged out the real bike. Woo!

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