Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

Oh, March is here and it is sunny and FABULOUS. No joke.

Yesterday, Brandon was jonesing to get on the bike as we haven't ridden our actual bikes since, oh, September. I know, I know. We got them all tuned up about a month ago and yesterday was one of the first really pretty days we've had in a while, so we went for a ride.

First Ride of the Season
Brandon with his bike.

First Ride of the Season
With my bike. Oh, the pasty whiteness ...

First Ride of the Season

So, we filled our tires up with a bit more air and off we went. We made jokes about if we remembered how to clip back in again (we did) and I fiddled with my stupid cyclometer ... as usual ... because it's a freaking pain in the butt. We breezed down a hill we normally run up. We did okay up a hill we have run up before.

We got to the E-470 trail before we realized, hey, as much as it's warm out, this cold winter air? Hurts our lungs. A LOT. So, we only went a little ways up the trail before we turned it back around.

First Ride of the Season
Brandon bummed about turning it around.

First Ride of the Season
Me, still glad to have gotten a ride in.

While we were sitting at one of the lights waiting to cross the street, we noticed that the little bit of water on the trail made for some fun splatters.

First Ride of the Season

We worked our way back home (mostly uphill) with our lungs dying due to the harsh air. Happily, our legs felt okay so the few bouts on the stationary bike must have helped a little bit. Who only knows how they'll hold up on a longer, hillier ride, but it was a good sign nonetheless. It was a very short ride (just over 4miles), but it was a nice start.

Since it's even prettier outside today, I decided to go for a run (okay, I had planned one for today anyway).



That fact makes me SO HAPPY. I didn't even need it. I haven't not run with my New Balance hat in probably five months. I took it off during a run once, but that was it. The weird thing was, I almost forgot what it felt like to have my ponytail swinging around smacking me in the ears and stuff. I'd gotten so used to having it squashed under a hat. Bizarre, I know.

I also got to run in shorts and short sleeves. Granted, I had done those before, but the lack of hat was the biggest thing. I did 3.19 miles in 33:05 (10:22.26/mi) and it was:
- my second fastest time all year
- my fastest time on a run over three miles this year

This whole "not taking a ridiculously long break from running" thing I think is finally starting to work out for me ...

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  1. LOL! You two have gone Florida on me :-)

    I wish I could go Colorado! It's been our second coldest winter in 100 years!