Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Be Smrt

Improper grammar in title emphasized for a reason.

I won't make this long given that I have to be at work at 5am (so ... 7ish hours?), but given that I haven't blogged in forever, I figured I might as well.

Anyway, I have a few things I'd like to talk about, but since time is of the essence, I'll mention two:

1.) I figured out there's a good reason triathlon has the swim first.

Obviously, yes, I know, it's because one can always crawl across the finish line. One needs the most energy on the swim because if one stops moving in the water, one could die. Yes, I get this.

And, when I go to the gym for a swim/bike "brick" (i use the term loosely), I always tend to swim first, mostly because it's triathlon order but partly because the gym floor is HOT and being slightly damp from the swim helps in the first bit of the ride.

However, tonight the pool was ridiculously ass-crowded and I didn't feel like sharing a line, so I hopped on the stationary first (more on this later). Once I was done, I wandered back into the pool area and saw that there were two lanes free. Sweeeeeet. So, I quickly changed, showered and hopped in.

Yeah, I managed 500m before my shoulder started giving me some crap which it NEVER does on swims. I know my workouts have been slacking a bit lately (more for another blog post), but geez. I figure it's from the stupid bike first, as that's the only explanation. I also never got past that early fatigue which usually disappears after the first 200m. Oh well.

The bike mention brings us to:

2.) Taking three weeks off from the bike is bad. VERY bad.

I haven't been on my actual bike since September and had barely been on a stationary since who knows how long when I started stationary cycling fairly regularly in January. However, given that February sucks (again, the blog post for later), I haven't been on the bike in probably about three weeks. Yeah, I felt it tonight.

The stationary sucks as it is. I find it boring and extremely hard to concentrate while I'm on it. Given that I got about a month of regular spinning on the damn things, the rides started to slooooooowly get easier. Well, take a few weeks off and it's back to hell. I typically keep my towel over the display so I don't see anything except my RPMs/cadence but tonight, Mr. Towel slipped. And I saw that I was only 11 minutes into my 25 minute workout. I wanted to die.

Good news is, I pushed through it, but it was painful. Colorado, will you warm back up into the mid-50s (and a WARM mid-50s? this cold mid-50s is just not cutting it) for a few days so the snow melts on the paths and I can drag out my freshly tuned bike? Kthx.

So that was more than I intended on writing, but it's not quite 10pm so I can hit "publish" and still be okay for now. Sweet.

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