Friday, February 5, 2010

Sign #34 2010 Is Better Than 2009

If you followed us over from Inspiration Stardust Dreams, you'll remember that my running times and my attempt to drop them was a large source of frustration for me.

For those of you who are new ... I ran and ran last year and just couldn't seem to get faster. From April through early August, my times WOULD NOT DROP. My first serious year of running (2007), I was slowly able to work my way down to an 8:30/mi pace. It was awesome. I was keeping that consistently too.

2009? Couldn't crack freaking 10:00 until mid-August. When I FINALLY did, it lasted for about a month and then oops, went back up.

2010? It's February 5th and I've already cracked 10:00/mi. Today: 1.86 mi in 18:18 for a 9:50.32/mi pace. Oh yeah.

I know why, too. It's because I'm putting in more miles. It's because I'm putting in LONGER runs. Last year, most of the runs during that time were 1.04, 1.36 miles, with a couple longer ones, but they were far and few between (and mostly races). This year, I'm refusing to do that stupid 1.36 loop and am making myself do one run of at least three miles a week. I've also found a new 4.12 mile loop that I love so much.

I wouldn't have even thought of doing runs beyond the 5K even three years ago when I first started. Now, I have aims of races of 5mi, 10K and a half-marathon for this year.

Pretty awesome, I know. :)

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