Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Checking In

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever ... and it's fairly true. I know I wrote earlier this year that I was focusing on priorities, something that hasn't changed. March has been the first month this year that I really feel that I am, and I notice the growth.

That being said, as a brand ambassador/team member for a few places this year ... I know that part of the reason I was chosen is because I have a blog, so I should probably update the damn thing.

In late February, I volunteered at the last race in the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon series.

I wore my TriSports visor (and actually a Skratch hat, too - it was too cold to just wear the visor!).

The main reason I volunteered is because I enjoy it and like giving back to the sport ... but a side perk with Racing Underground is if you volunteer for their events, you get a free race entry. Therefore, that Littlefoot Triathlon on the sidebar? Free. I am all about that. Plus I got to spend a frozen cold morning working packet pickup and then providing food (hot chocolate and cup o' noodles) to the racers as they finished. The food tent is the place to be, let me tell you!

Then, this past Sunday, we went to cheer on our good friend Norm at a half-marathon:


Mr. Speedy (one of the 455 fastest people racing the Boston Marathon this year) came in second on a very hilly course. We then went out to breakfast with him and our friend Nic, whom we haven't seen in FOREVER.

After breakfast, it was time to ride. Brandon and I went up to Boulder, parked at Skirt Sports, and then went for about a 20 mile loop. We were hoping to ride longer, but work called him in, so the hour we did would have to do.

Stopped at a light. I actually think we were in Longmont at this point ...

Husband's on the phone? Clearly it's photo time! Also representing Skratch Labs here ...

I think the trainer miles (and all the miles this year so far in general) are starting to pay off, as Brandon couldn't keep up with me and I'm pretty sure I may have had my fastest average speed on an outdoor ride ever - 18.99 mph. I'm so glad that the work is paying off.

Now, off the computer and back to said work ...

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