Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Round-Up

I meant to do this Monday, but helping Brandon prep for a job fair and house-hunting ended up taking a bit more of a priority ...

February ... wasn't all that great. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't much better than January, which isn't that good in the grand scheme of things. Onward to numbers:

Swimming: 11,000m (6.8 mi)
% to goal: 9%
Cycling: 137.78 mi
% to goal: 5.9%
Running: 14.88 mi
% to goal: 5.67%
Lifting: five sessions (1:38)
Other: nine yoga sessions (2:25), one walk (1:30), one day skiing (4:00)

Part of the reason progress stalled a bit this month is because I got sick at the very end of January and that carried over into February. I lost my voice, I felt like poo ... but I have still successfully kept moving! Yep, two months in and I still haven't taken a true day off this year. I'm embracing yoga - it feels so gooooood - and it's such an easy way to get SOMETHING in. 

Besides the yoga, there were positives to this month. I got in two long trainer rides (over an hour) which I haven't done in quite some time, so I know that it *is* possible for me to do them again. I also pretty much successfully cut out fried foods (two slips) for the month which is awesome. That experiment taught us to be much more mindful - I never realized how much we rely on bar food when we're too lazy to cook and go out to dinner. Knowledge is such power in this nutrition game, and learning to be aware of your habits is a fantastic thing.

I also kept up the hydration from January, so hooray! Small changes CAN become habit!

March is starting off a bit rough, but a big source of stress will soon be leaving our lives (or just enter it ... but let's PLEASE hope for leaving!), so I'm really hoping things can get back to normal 'round these here parts. March's food goal is to incorporate a lot more green into our diet (preferably in the form of leafy greens). Mmm salad ...

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