Monday, March 9, 2015


Yesterday morning, I hit the wall.  The exhaustion of the past couple weeks caught up to me and the daze that I was walking around in was too much.  You might be thinking that the exhaustion is from working hard in fitness, but unfortunately, that's not the case.  Life has gotten in the way.

Since mid-February, life has dramatically gotten busier.  Let's go over what has happened:

- T and I made an offer on a house, and now it's under contract.  That sounds exciting, and it is, but we've been told buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, and that's proving to be true!  Writing big checks, lots of meetings, knowing we have to pack/move, etc.  Wow.
- I attended a job fair on 3/5 to increase my odds of getting a job with a major airline.  I got great face to face time with airlines like United, Delta, and JetBlue, and while that's all well and good, the prep of going to that job fair and being "on" the entire day was extremely stressful.  Not only that, but I literally wasn't able to find the time to work out.
- I recently had a 6 month simulator event to test my pilot skills.  This is required by the FAA, and due to the reasons above, I wasn't as prepared for it as I would have liked to be.  Still, it went fine.  Doesn't make it any less stressful though.

The way that T described it to me, whenever we are going through life, it's like we're juggling bowling pins.  Sometimes you're juggling one, sometimes two, sometimes five.  Sometimes the pins are very small, and easily manageable.  Other times, the pins grow to the point they are hard to juggle.  If you think about what I've been dealing with, the pins grew so big, that I had to drop one to manage everything else.  Unfortunately, working out was what dropped over the past week and a half.  I managed some, but not much.

The good news is that today is a new day and a new week. I can get back on the proverbial horse pretty easily.  I'll start with a big bike ride, a short run, and a swim this afternoon.  Immersing myself in all three sports. :-)


  1. Where is the house!!?!? Feel free to FB message (it's Danielle) if you don't want to put those deets here. :)

    1. keys aren't in hand *quite* yet, but it's further north in denver from where we are now, near both the cherry creek trail and the highline.