Monday, February 16, 2015

Outside Time is the Best Time

As Skratch likes to say on most of their posts, #outsideisfree; it is true, and it is also true that outside time is the best time.

We've been able to get outside on the bikes already this month*, which is good given that it's snowing currently.

Mature, we are not.

We also went up last week for our semi-regular Valentine's Day-time-ish ski weekend (every time we've gone skiing, it's usually around Valentine's Day) which of course is fun time outside.

Winter Park.


Over on Vasquez.

At the Jane.

Fun day, although we've determined that before we go again, we've got to get our own ski boots - my poor feet killed me that day into the next.

*In case I haven't mentioned it already (can't remember), I have a sub-goal this year of getting outside on my bike in every month. The weather is usually nice enough to do so, so this is the plan! Should be successful; we managed to get a picture of Brandon standing in snow every month of the year his first year out here. That got a bit tricky in the summer months ...

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