Monday, February 16, 2015

Outside Time is the Best Time

As Skratch likes to say on most of their posts, #outsideisfree; it is true, and it is also true that outside time is the best time.

We've been able to get outside on the bikes already this month*, which is good given that it's snowing currently.

 photo 2-7ride_zps61ea255f.jpg
Mature, we are not.

We also went up last week for our semi-regular Valentine's Day-time-ish ski weekend (every time we've gone skiing, it's usually around Valentine's Day) which of course is fun time outside.

 photo winterpark14_zps761f3dc9.jpg
Winter Park.

 photo winterpark15_zps16295f8b.jpg

Over on Vasquez.

 photo winterpark16_zps43717511.jpg
At the Jane.

Fun day, although we've determined that before we go again, we've got to get our own ski boots - my poor feet killed me that day into the next.

*In case I haven't mentioned it already (can't remember), I have a sub-goal this year of getting outside on my bike in every month. The weather is usually nice enough to do so, so this is the plan! Should be successful; we managed to get a picture of Brandon standing in snow every month of the year his first year out here. That got a bit tricky in the summer months ...

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