Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Race #6 of the Season: BolderBOULDER 10K

This was our fifth straight BolderBOULDER. Unfortunately, it wasn't our fifth straight PR.

I guess I should go back a few days.

The race is always Monday, Memorial Day. Saturday, I lifted and went for a short run. Sunday, we swam and rode 16 miles on the 105. The new bike fits? Made for a fantastic ride.

Brandon putting his front wheel back on.

 photo 5-25ride2_zpsc8a82016.jpg
Post-ride selfie.

The new bike fit and the comfort level on it aided me in chasing down and catching Mike on the way back - which I was really proud of. Maybe not the smartest thing to do the day before a race, but eh.

After the ride, we went up to Silverthorne and went shooting. Only downside to this is, lunch ended up being a greasy pile of crap. Also not the wisest thing the day before a race.

Monday rolls around. 

We wake up and leave for Boulder with plenty of time. I poop once before leaving the house - fairly standard. Get to Boulder, get parked, get to Starbucks. I choose not to have coffee this year, but did eat a blueberry muffin. Went to the bathroom a second time - didn't really do anything. Went a third time - more poop.

Left Starbucks, dropped off our stuff at the FedEx mobile lockers and waited for our turn to go. My stomach still seemed a bit unsettled, but whatever. At 7:22:50, we were off.

Mile one was "easy." Brandon decided to pace us for the early miles - a reversal of what we usually do - and it felt pretty good. It was fairly quick, but it felt comfortable.

Mile two we slowed down a bit, but not much. 

Mile three was slow as per usual. Damn mile three. Still sub-10, though, which is good for us on this course.

Mile four ended up also being kind of slow. I feel like I felt a bit better than Brandon - we were running together, but I was holding back a bit so we could run together.

Mile five I felt my shoulder act up a bit, but ignored it and kept going.

Mile six I kept needing to walk because I felt like I was going to crap myself. I gave serious thought to some porta-potties I saw just after turning on to Folsom. That last mile was hell as a result and I couldn't keep up a pace.

Unfortunately, this meant my third-slowest BB time ... and me hunched over trying not to puke after crossing the finish line before finding the nearest bathroom for poop #4 (of five total that day).

Final Stats:
Time: 59:30.70
Pace: 9:34/mi
Overall Rank: 11769/45651
Gender Rank: 3967/24705
Division Rank: 137/634 (F30)

Mike after his first BolderBOULDER and Brandon putting on flip-flops.

My feelings after the race.

Brandon decided my selfie wasn't good enough.

We checked out the expo and then headed home, as Brandon had to head home to Minnesota for a family emergency.

A race that still wasn't *bad*, but again, not indicative of what I think/know I can do right now. So what do I learn from this one?
- no greasy crap the day before
- work out smarter the days prior
- maybe stop eating food at Starbucks the morning of? Did that last year and stomach was also vaguely unsettled ...
- train properly. As always. 

For the curious, the mile splits:

Mile 1: 9:06.5
Mile 2: 9:21.2
Mile 3: 9:46.2
Mile 4: 9:48.9
Mile 5: 9:23.7
Mile 6: 9:32.5
Last bit: 2:32.9

(6.29 mi in 59:32)

Mile 1: 9:07
Mile 2: 9:27
Mile 3: 9:53
Mile 4: 9:55
Mile 5: 9:30
Mile 6.2: 9:52

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