Monday, May 26, 2014

Bike Fit with Fit and Tri

When we first bought our bikes, we got fit to them. However, we've been reading that you should probably get refit to your bike at least once a year as things change depending on the type of riding you do and how much of it you do.

The bikes seemed comfortable when we took them home (not faulting TriSports here at all), but a long summer and fall of riding probably ended up taking its toll and I know personally, my body found a position it was comfortable in during IMAZ that wasn't where it should be.

So, this year, we decided to get refit. We'd had several places recommended to us, but eventually went with Scott and Fit and Tri. Fit and Tri is Scott's studio that he runs out of the newly remodeled Kompetitive Edge. Scott was affordable - $175 per fit; some places (Retul particularly) run closer to $300 - and since we have a friend that works at KE ... we figured, why not?

Last Wednesday, we took the bikes in for two hours - each of us had an hour-long appointment.

Scott is very friendly and, more importantly, very knowledgeable. He also took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. The most efficient angle for this to be at is x, so let's get you as close to x as possible ... while still keeping you comfortable. An aerodynamic position is important, but comfort is even more so. Doesn't matter how aero you are if you're too uncomfortable to stay in that position.

He started off by adjusting the cleat position on our shoes and then made tweaks from there - saddle height/position and a lot of moving the front part of the bike - aerobars and the like. If you look at our bikes now, the aeros actually appear to be tilted up ... except when we hop on, and then they seem flat like usual.

You can kind of tell the aerobar tilt here.


We were told there would probably be an adjustment period - the new position would put a bit more stress on the shoulders - yay for more strength - but that everything should feel a lot better.

We took the bikes out to test this yesterday (Sunday; got them tuned right after the fit). I will say that I felt a LOT more comfortable on the bike. Very little adjusting to find a comfortable spot on the saddle (we'll see how it goes in my stupid tri shorts ...), less bouncing around, a natural position in aero - it ended up being a GREAT ride. I had a bit of an odd feeling just below my right knee, but I'm not going to chalk that up to the fit until I ride a few more times and figure out if it's due to that, or other stuff (had lifted the day prior, etc.).

In any case, we are both very happy with our fits. So, if you're looking for an affordable bike fitter in the Denver area and like knowing the whys behind stuff being done to you, check out Scott at Fit and Tri at Kompetitive Edge.

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