Monday, May 5, 2014

April Round-Up

The end of April came about almost abruptly, it felt like. The month felt pretty good in the midst of it but now, looking back on it, I'm actually pretty disappointed with it. Read on ...

Running: 36.52 mi
Swimming: 8000m (4.97 mi)
Cycling: 34.16 mi
Lifting: six sessions (2:22)
Other: three walks (2:15)

Going back to what I wanted to do this month ...

Did I add in a second lift per week? ... twice, I did.
Did I swim twice a week? ... I did one week. I also swam thrice one week. So not really.
Did I stick with three runs per week? ... well, two or three runs per week.
Did I add in a second ride per week? ... ha, no.

Did I do something not S/B/R related? Unfortunately no. As I said earlier, the end of April came at me and I realized on May 1st that crap, I didn't meet this goal. Really beat myself up for this one.

Am I strength-training regularly? Thankfully, yes.

Am I injury-free? Also thankfully, yes.

While I am ultimately disappointed in my April, I'm actually fairly happy with how the start to my racing season has gone, and I think that's good enough for right now.

That being said, I think I want to make speed my main goal for May as well as keep building on volume. The crazy back-to-back that we were hoping to do doesn't exist anymore so that weekend may just end up turning into a 70.3 distance race instead ...

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