Sunday, May 25, 2014

Race Number 3: Colfax 5K

Usually most races begin with me grumbling about having to wake up to go race, wondering why I signed up for this, etc.  This race however was highly different.  

Because it was completely unplanned.

See, I was originally supposed to fly.  Grand Junction to Denver, Denver to Grand Junction, Grand Junction to Denver, and Denver to Montrose.  So my schedule looked something like this:


When I woke up, I found out the middle Junction turn was cancelled, so I had nearly a 5 hour sit at Denver.  I didn't want to hang around the airport, so I decided I'd go watch T, who was already down at City Park.  I tossed the idea of racing the race, and the more we thought about it, the more we realized we could pull it off.  I wouldn't get a shower, but I'd be able to bust ass back to the airport and use some wet wipes I had to clean up.  So with the decision in place that I would race, I sped to City Park.

Once there, I picked up T and we looked for parking spots.  Finding none in the near vicinity and the museum closing off the parking lot, I busted down a side street and parked.  I quick got my clothes together from my suitcase since I wouldn't be able to race in my normal race gear, and then we hurried over to registration.  I got registered quickly, then we went to T's car to drop off my wallet and get my bib pinned on.

After that, we walked towards the start line.  The start corral was immensely packed and we muscled our way to the front.  Soon the gun went off and we were underway!

The Race
We busted out the first mile in a ridiculously quick pace, averaging sub-8 for most of it.  We realized very quickly that the pace was unsustainable and backed it off slightly.  The first mile was quick, 8:34.  In the 2nd mile, we settled in and I started believing we could crack 28:00.  However, City Park became City Park and the false flats caught up with us, slowing us down.  We walked a bit more, trying to keep ourselves together.

The final mile was interesting.  T started to break down, which I haven't seen in a long time, and I had to pull her along.  We got close to the finish line and started our kicks.  I thought I had her as I slowly began to accelerate, but sure enough, she caught me right at the finish, and we literally tied.

Time: 28:05

This was the most unusual circumstance for a race I have ever been a part of, but ultimately, I am very glad we pulled it off.  After the race, I drove to Aurora to place a bet on the Preakness Stakes, then headed to the airport.  I left my dirties in my car and wiped off using my wet wipes.  Satisfied I was (sort of) clean, I put on my uniform and resumed my day.

Not a bad way to spend a sit at DIA.

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