Monday, March 31, 2014

March Round-Up

It is already the end of March. Is this crazy to anyone else, or just me? Race season is approaching rapidly and I'm starting to freak out - OHGODI'MNOTREADYINEEDMORETIMETOTRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just accepting that the first few races of my season (Cherry Creek Sneak, Dino Half-Marathon, random duathlon if I do it) are going to be nothing special and are going to be used to just get myself back in the feel of racing. Maybe I can start taking stuff seriously by the BolderBOULDER ...

Anyway, numbers!

Running: 28.35 mi
Swimming: 5100m (3.17 mi)
Cycling: 50.35 mi
Lifting: four sessions (1:35)
Other: two walks (1:25), one stretching session (:13), one hike (30:00)

My rolled-over-from-February goal this month of strength went pretty well, I think. I'm back to consistently running three days a week (and am also slowly starting to increase my mileage). I'm swimming once to twice a week and riding about the same.

Did I do something not S/B/R related? Yes! It took until the last day of the month (again), but Brandon and I went on a hike (you'll read about it a week from Wednesday).

Am I strength-training regularly? Yep. Still going once a week.

Am I injury-free? Thankfully, yes.

My initial goal for April was to build speed, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet, unfortunately. So, the plan instead is to just to keep building on what I did in March. I'd like to:

- try and add in a second lift per week. I'm loving the weights right now ...
- keep with the trend of the last few weeks and keep swimming twice a week (and if I can add in more, great)
- stick with my three runs/week. My body likes this.
- add in a second ride per week CONSISTENTLY.

I'd ideally also like my non-S/B/R activity to NOT happen on the last day of the month for a change ...

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