Friday, April 4, 2014

3/24-3/30: Longest Run Since IMAZ

Since I have a pesky half-marathon in about a month, I'm starting to up my run mileage and I'm starting to run longer distances. On Sunday the 30th, I went for a five-miler ... the longest run I've done since AZ (something that will happen a lot over the next few weeks).

I look like spring! Also: still excited.

That run was hard. It was windy and ugh, awful. I made it, though. Barely.

Dead on the living room floor.

There were a few upsides to the run - my legs didn't feel that awful. It was mostly my lungs. There is still residual strength in my muscles and my brain definitely wanted to go.

I've got 6 to 7 on deck for this weekend; we'll see how well it goes.

Other highlights:
- I also got in a decent trainer ride later that day:


- I may have had my fastest recorded swim EVER early before work Thursday (27th) - 1:59/100m! Pool toy assisted, obviously, but it was still nice to see.

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