Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3/10-3/16: From Snow to Sun

We're currently in spring in Colorado, which means the weather is schizophrenic. Take the featured workouts from last week.

Tuesday, March 11: Run.

Pre-run ... when I was still excited.

I'm not doing runs of any significant length right now (well, compared to IMAZ training) so last Tuesday's run was only supposed to be 1.5-2 miles. Yeeahh, I made it a mile. The weather, while hard to tell from the photo, was MISERABLE. Snowy, windy, wet, frozen ... I was absolutely miserable and pulled the plug because I knew that, due to my misery, I was getting nothing out of the run.

That brings us to ...

Friday, March 14: Bike.

Both of us wanted to ride outside but neither of us really felt like tackling the hell hill near the house (I know, despite my New Year's Resolution - but Brandon has barely ridden this year). So, we decided to drive to the Platte trail and ride it a bit.

I felt great on the bike - Brandon couldn't keep up with me and I wasn't even big-ringing it (kept it in a moderate gear and a high (low-90s) cadence) which NEVER happens. We kept the ride short - to the Hudson Gardens cafĂ© and back - but it was a great ride. And warm, too.



It was so nice that I ended up taking off the jacket for the return trip back to the car. From snow to sun; that's Colorado spring in a nutshell. Sometimes within a few hours; sometimes within a few days; sometimes within the same week. Keeps you on your training toes, that's for sure.

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