Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weeks Forty-Three and Forty-Four: 10/21-11/3

Also weeks 17 and 18 of IM training. SO CLOSE TO THE END.

Monday, October 21: Off: So, so sore
- Worked after the race yesterday as well as this morning. My knee is not happy with me .. so, thought it prudent to stay inactive today.

Tuesday, October 22: Bike: 22.91 mi in 1:22:52; avg cad 86; 16.59 mph
- 27.3 mph max
- Spinervals 22.0 - TimeTrialPalooza
- almost fell asleep a few times ...
Run: 1.01 mi in 9:46 - 9:40/mi
- out to the corner and back
- off the bike
- knee still a little wonky
- Solid effort, despite the obvious exhaustion. Run pace was nice, though probably not sustainable.

Wednesday, October 23: Swim: 4000m in 1:38:17 - 2:27/100m
- 5x800m
- 1, 4 and parts of 5 were rough; 2 and 3 felt great. okay, so did parts of 4, too.
Run: 6.02 mi in 1:01:36 - 10:13/mi
- trails and around
- purposefully picked it up in the final miles
- tried to make it easy in the beginning
- My right shoulder started bugging me in that swim. Will have to keep an eye on it. Knee a little wonky early on; fine by end. Iced and wrapped it anyway though.

Thursday, October 24: Swim: 2800m in 1:06:27 - 2:22/100m
- 4x100m, 6x(25/25, 50/25, 25/25, 100/25), 3x200m
- rough in the middle; picked up
- almost quit this a few times
Bike: 13.2 mi in 41:04; avg cad 91; 19.3 mph
- 33.7 mph max
- MX12 over-unders
- really glad I got on the bike
- It was rough convincing myself to get on the bike, but, as I said, I'm really glad I did. Funny how that works ... Still butt-honking tired, though ...

Friday, October 25: Swim: 3500m in 1:21:12 - 2:19/100m
- 12x50m, 2x(18x25 (2e, 1h), 200m), 8x400m (e, m, h), 4x100m
- warm-up and 75% of cool-down with paddles and pb
Run: 4.39 mi in 40:35 - 9:14/mi
- MX12 treadmill - beginner
- no way I could have managed intermediate
- foam-rolled after
- After getting off work I was so exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was work out ... so working out is exactly what I did. Sometimes, it's what you have to do.

Saturday, October 26: Bike: 100 mi in 5:07:49; avg cad 90; 19.49 mph
- 27.0 mph max
- Tempe training ride and part of Kona
- rotated bonk breaker bars and crack cookies ~ every 5 until about 43 and then every 3-4; electrolytes mainly every 10
Run: 1.24 mi in 11:07 - 8:57/mi
- off the bike
- surprising amount of energy
- This was rough, but good. Great training day.

Sunday, October 27: Run: 10.06 mi in 2:03:33 - 12:16/mi :(
- around
- knee issues cut this down - felt great otherwise
Swim: 1000m in 23:34:38 - 2:21/100m
- 10x100m
- finally died
- My brain couldn't handle the swim. Big week, long day ... it gave up. So happy with how much energy I had today after yesterday ... just bummed my knee had to crap out on me.

Monday, October 28: Off: forced
- I really, REALLY wanted to work out but due to my knee being a pain in the ass, Brandon made me take a rest day to try and heal up a little.

Tuesday, October 29: Off: resting
- At work, I just felt all these little tiny aches and pains in both knees and my legs. I may be slowly falling apart - thus took another day off to be safe.

Wednesday, October 30: Off: no good reason
- Time spent with the husband just seemed so much more important. I think the wrong mental switch has flipped and it is not good ...

Thursday, October 31: Run: 3 mi in 32:12 - 10:43/mi
- giant loop
- damn knee started acting up early
- Hooray, I did something. Taking this stupid knee easy as I can. It just sucks so damn badly. Training needs to be fun. Running was keeping it that way. Now I can't run. BOO.

Friday, November 1: Off: mental fail
- Could not muster up the energy or the desire to do jack all. So glad the end is near ...

Saturday, November 2: Bike: 50.16 mi in 2:30:27; avg cad 91; 20 mph
- 33.6 mph max
- Tempe training ride followed by over-unders
Run: 1.29 mi in 12:25 - 9:37/mi
- loop-de-loop
- off the bike
- So I can somehow still force myself to do ridiculously long trainer rides. That's a perk. Knee not nearly as bad for this run, but purposefully kept it shorter than it was supposed to be ... just in case.

Sunday, November 3: Swim: 1500m in 36:17.80 - 2:25/100m
- 1000m, 225m, 275m
- failed 4x1000m
- almost puked several times
Lifting: 5:00
- 3/50/30 leg adductors
- trying to help my knee
- For some reason, my orange juice came back to haunt me big time. No bueno. Also my shoulder got cranky - probably because it's been a week since I was last in the pool. Oops.

Good week ... followed by a bad week. The trainer century was definitely an exercise in mental toughness and took a lot less time had I done it outside (perks of indoor training!). I'm so, so happy I felt good the next day - just ... my knee. Most people I know are breaking down a bit due to training; I think my knee was a combination of two things - my running shoes dying and me upping my runs from three days a week to four or five days a week. I just don't think I'm meant to run THAT much. And, since running has been highly enjoyable lately and a bright spot of training, losing it has been a huge mental blow. Never thought not being able to run would affect me so much ...

Week 43 training time: 15:47:52
Week 43 training mileage: 165.85 mi
Week 44 training time: 3:56:24
Week 44 training mileage: 53.38 mi
Weekly combined training time: 19:44:14
Weekly combined training mileage: 221.23 mi
Yearly training time: 256:23:10
Yearly training mileage: 2221.57 mi

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