Saturday, November 16, 2013

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

Over the past week or so, a lot of people have asked me, "Are you ready?" I answer as I do above - "As ready as I'll ever be." Or, sometimes, "If I'm not now, I never will be."

And it's the truth.

I have put in:

114505.73m (71.15 mi) of swimming

1763.5 miles of cycling

458.98 miles of running

2293.63 (or 2302.79)* miles total

263:22:16 total hours of work

All of that comes down to 140.6 miles and 17 possible hours. I may have possibly jeopardized that a little with two blood sacrifices to the Ironman gods - I slammed the big toe on my left foot into the bottom of Tempe Town Lake while exiting the practice swim and ripped off some skin.

Worse, and more importantly, while racking/checking in my bike, I somehow managed to fall over on my bike and put a gash on the ankle bone of my left foot ... needing five stitches to close. I'm icing it; I'm adding ibuprofen to pretty much all of my transition/special needs bags ... I'm praying that my mental toughness and my ability to pretty much ignore pain will get me through. I've come way too far to let a little thing like this hold me back.

140.6 miles

17 hours to finish.

I WILL do this.

* Adding up the numbers on BeginnerTriathlete, they don't quite jive with what I've done here this year. Either the swims in miles got rounded out that crazily, or I screwed up my math somewhere. Probably the latter.

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