Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week Forty-Five: 11/4-11/10

Also week 19 of IM training. One more week; can you believe it? Can I believe it?

Also: week 45? Where the hell did this year go????

Monday, November 4: Off: scheduled
- Taper, I love you.

Tuesday, November 5: Bike: 21.88 mi in 1:05:10; avg cad 91; 20.1 mph
- 26.2 mph max
- pedaling in front of the TV - easy cycle
- Saving my 90:00 until Thursday. But yay for easy cycles! Brandon also thought I looked very smooth - that it looked easy - hopefully I'll feel like that on race day, too.

Wednesday, November 6: Swim: 2000m in 45:41 - 2:17/100m
- 20x100m
- shoulder just a little funky
- Shoulder for me and nausea for Brandon means we cut a 4000m swim short again. Not too horribly concerned, though.

Thursday, November 7: Run: 3.13 mi in 30:06 - 9:36/mi
- trail out-and-back
- felt pretty good; lungs a little rough
- First relatively decent run in a while and first "major" run in a week. Knee held up pretty well - lungs noticed the time off, though.

Friday, November 8: Off: choice
- We had the option of two off days this week - with all the stuff I need to do before leaving, I felt it was okay to skip today.

Saturday, November 9: Run: 4.74 mi in 49:30 - 10:26/mi
- Run CO Saturday run
- first few miles felt good ... then knee acted up
- So Mike thinks the knee could be IT band related - lots of stretching on deck for me as well as a pre-race massage!

Sunday, November 10: Swim: 1000m in 22:56.35 - 2:18/100m
- 10x100m
- quick; just to get the arms moving
Stretching: 8:00
- plus looooots of foam-rolling
Bike: 38.39 mi in 1:55:02; avg cad 91; 20 mph
- 23.2 mph max
- Tempe training ride
- Short swim and a shorter ride than planned, but preparing to leave is a bit more important. Still very glad I got stuff in, though.

Weekly training time: 5:56:25
Weekly training mileage: 70 mi
Yearly training time: 262:19:35
Yearly training mileage: 2291.57

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