Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weeks Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four: 8/12-25

Also weeks #7 and 8 of IM training.

When one doesn't train due to say, an injury, one disappears into one's own bubble of misery. One doesn't want to update things like training blogs because it's too damn depressing. Also, one might not be able to type well due to said injury.

Still, I've committed to recording all this crap, so here it goes: life from the past two weeks:

Monday, August 12: Bike: 26.27 mi in 1:22:54; avg cad 87; 19.01 mph
- 31.8 mph max
- Spinervals 22.0 - TimeTrialPalooza
- toes weren't happy today ...
- Might need to up the trainer resistance on this one. First 10 min or so were rough, but after that, I felt great.

Tuesday, August 13: Run: 5.36 mi in 48:55 - 9:07/mi
- MX12 treadmill set - intermediate
- "Phantom Agony" a hell of a song for the final interval ...
Run: 3.37 mi in 31:09 - 9:14/mi
- Run CO pub run
- a lot faster than expected
- my feet hurt now
- acc. to my Garmin, my most consistently paced run in a long while
- Either I'm finally getting my run legs, or this is what they mean by running faster post long-distance tris. In any case, two solid runs for an 8 mile day.

Wednesday, August 14: Off: mental health
- My work schedule this week just blows. It was stressful trying to figure out what to do, so we just decided on a pool day ... a fun pool day.

Thursday, August 15: Swim: 3000m in 1:11:26 - 2:22/100m
- 60x50m
- mentally, very difficult
- my arms hurt now
- Long swim before work. This set was ungodly hard, but I know it will make me stronger.

Friday, August 16: Bike: 46.65 mi in 2:52:19; avg cad 80; 16.24 mph
- 27.1 mph max
- CC trail to Platte and back
- crashed mid-ride
- We can't work out on birthdays anymore. After the turnaround, we collided and I went down hard and hurt my elbow. Hoping it'll be okay ...

About a mile into the ride ... everything was still fine ...

Ouchy elbow. :(

Saturday, August 17: Off: injured
- Went to urgent care ... arm is not broken, but badly, badly bruised. I'm in a splint now. Hopefully this doesn't derail me too badly ...

Sunday, August 18: Off: injured
- Stupid arm. I hate this.

Monday, August 19: Off: injured
- I can function, but not well. Plus I think I'm getting sick, to add insult to injury. UGH.

Tuesday, August 20: Off: injured
- Mobility is coming back, but definitely not as quickly as I'd like ...

Wednesday, August 21: Off: injured
- The amount of mobility I've gotten back proves I'm definitely not broken. Can't twist it though ...

Thursday, August 22: Off: injured
- Going to take one more day. Going crazy - going to try SOMETHING tomorrow ...

Friday, August 23: Bike: 4.95 mi in 20:02; avg cad 88; 14.8 mph
- 18.3 mph max
- easy spinning
- Yay it's something! Iced my elbow while riding - multi-tasking.

Saturday, August 24: Run: 3.14 mi in 35:33 - 11:19/mi
- park trail
- attempting to get back out there
- Lungs hurt a lot on this one - I couldn't get a proper arm swing, but I got out there. Plus - legs didn't feel half bad.

Sunday, August 25: Off: injured
- Arm hurt a bit this morning - more than I feel it should. Gotta ease into this ...

As you can see, off due to injury. I'm going to try to get on the trainer more this week and attempt to run a bit more - nothing too crazy; probably long and slow rather than anything short and fast - and see how it goes. Swimming, however, is starting to concern me. Depending on how it goes, I'm going to try and get back in the water on Thursday. My 2.4 mile open water swim that I was hoping to do on Saturday is probably not going to happen now, unfortunately, but ultimately, I'd rather get healed properly than try to push it too much and screw myself even more.

Because, even though I still have a few months to Ironman, if I can't get in the water soon, IMAZ might be in jeopardy.

Weekly combined training times: 7:42:18
Weekly combined training mileage: 91.60 mi
Yearly training time: 157:52:13
Yearly training mileage: 1267.34 mi

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  1. Ugh!! I hate seeing you injured so much! Bikes are very challenging. Too much speed and obstacles. My best friend in Lake Tahoe had a bad bike wreck in the mountains on gravel with fractured vertebrae and a $66,000 hospital bill a few months ago. He is just recovering now. I'm beginning to think that biking should be eliminated from Triathlons. From my personal experience, there is no fitness gain with biking over running.