Friday, August 9, 2013

Week Thirty-One: 7/29-8/4

Also week #5 of IM training. Also race week.

Also, when did I start slacking on blogging so much? Oh, right, racing helps ...

Monday, July 29: Off: planned
- Last week was a hell of a week. I felt good at the end of it, but I think ultimately a day of rest was going to do me more good in the long run.

Tuesday, July 30: Swim: 800 yds in 14:48.16 - 1:51/100 yds
- 4x200 yds
- ows at Aurora
- having issues in open water this year; no idea why
- Trying to figure out my issues in open water this year. Hopefully I can get this sorted soon. So far, racing is fine; practicing sucks. Decided to forgo Pub Run this week. Well, went; just didn't run.

Wednesday, July 31: Bike: 18.16 mi in 1:11:16; avg cad 73; 15.29 mph
- 26.7 mph max
- CC trail ride
- cut short due to slow leak; back tire went flat during ride
- Last long ride before 70.3. Had maybe hoped for longer, but started a bit late. Tire was low before ride; pumped it up ... went flat again. Had to get rescued. Oh well; needed tubes anyway.

Thursday, August 1: Off: life
- Sometimes, your day at work is just that shitty. A run sounded good, but even endorphins wouldn't have saved/salvaged the day I had.

Friday, August 2: Off: planned
- With a race Sunday, we decided it would be nice to take a day off and rest. You know.

Saturday, August 3: Run: 2.05 mi in 21:29 - 10:28/mi
- Run CO Saturday run
- shake out the legs
Bike: 9.6 mi in 41:14; avg cad 67; 13.97 mph
- 28.3 mph max
- Bicycle Village and back on CC trail
- Hoped to get in a pre-race swim, too, but lightning at Boulder Reservoir put the kibosh on that. Still, solid pre-race warm-up.

Sunday, August 4: Triathlon - IM Boulder 70.3 - in 7:40:09
- 1.2 mi swim in 52:02 - 2:41/100m
- 56 mi bike in 3:42:44 - 15.09 mph; avg cad 82; 35.1 mph max
- 13.1 mi run in 2:58:41 - 13:38/mi
- T1 in 3:20; T2 in 3:22
- Flat on the bike cost me about 30 minutes, but I still got a 14 minute PR - chopped 7:20 off the swim alone. For feeling undertrained going into this and not technically being prepared for this, I'll take it.

I'll obviously go into more detail about Boulder 70.3 soon (Sunday, hopefully?), but for not being an A race and dealing with the crap I did, it wasn't a bad week. I wasn't entirely happy about not getting in a swim on Saturday, but that was the longest pre-race warm-up we've done the day before to date and it felt awesome.

We've been doing something right since we have this fantastic base; here's to keeping it going ...

Weekly training time: 10:02:14
Weekly training mileage: 86.26 mi
Yearly training time: 147:31:55
Yearly training mileage: 1155.54 mi

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