Wednesday, August 7, 2013

June and July Round-Ups

So, um, apparently I forgot to recap June. Not that it really matters, because you've all seen what I've been doing, but I'll just combine June and July into one and we'll call it good ...

Running: 104.15 mi
Swimming: 25774.52m (16.02 mi)
Cycling: 389.84 mi
Lifting: two sessions (both in June)
Other: a little bit of walking, not as much stretching as there should have been

For two months of work, I'll take it. It also explains why my 70.3 I just did went pretty well, even though I felt undertrained going into it. Sit down and I'll tell you why ...

Way back in 2011, I did my first 70.3. I felt trained for it and I did ... okay, not great. I finished, and that was my goal for it.

Here were my YEARLY totals for that year (not totals going into the race, just YEARLY):
Running: 250.94 mi
Swimming: 16.58 mi
Cycling: 635.78 mi

Yeah ... in TWO MONTHS, I ran 2/5ths of what I did in a year, swam a half mile short of what I did in a year and cycled about half of what I did.

I can safely say I think I'm finally doing what I should have done years ago and putting in the work. Just make sure I keep doing it, mmkay?

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