Friday, January 6, 2012

Why January in Colo. = Awesome

Right now in Colorado, the tourism industry is crying. The ski resorts are losing money due to the lack of moisture. More over, the drought and lack of snow is affecting our future - lack of snow pack means less spring melt which means low river levels which in turns hurts summer tourism - low river levels mean really crappy whitewater levels (been there; done that - not fun). It also means more of a chance for wildfires and half the state burning as it tends to want to do anyway for it being so dang dry here.

However, for a triathlete in the winter offseason, the occasionally-warm-but-not-ridiculous-like-this days that we've been seeing are AWESOME. Some of the pros that live in Boulder have even been tweeting about the mid-60s we've been seeing.

I originally wanted to take advantage of the warmth a few days ago, but I had tube issues with Bob and ended up taking him in for a tune (and a new chain!) this past Monday. Treads first told me I wasn't going to get him back until today (or Monday), but luckily, they got him back to me a day later.

So, because both Brandon and I had Wednesday and Thursday off and both days were gorgeous - warm AND calm - we got on the bikes and explored the neighborhood ... which now essentially includes Cherry Creek State Park, where a lot of our tris are held.

1.4.12 Ride
Before Thursday's ride.

It was a little rough getting back on the bike seeing as it was the first time we'd been riding outside in several months (day two really hurt the butt in particular), but at the same time, it felt really good. Day two even felt a little easier on the legs, even.

I know this won't last (nor, if I'm honest with myself, do I want it to, for the health of the state), but for right now, we may as well enjoy it.

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