Friday, January 13, 2012

Things I've Learned

To anyone that has ever read Esquire, you know that they often interview a celebrity who will provide a list of things that they have learned throughout their life. Since I have way too much downtime on my hand (at least when I commute) I have put together a few things myself. I'm curious - what has everyone else learned throughout their life?

- Apple makes good products. But people that use them are no longer hip or cool. Everyone has an iPod now. And an iPhone. You’re not some elitist if you own an Apple product. And to all these Wall Street protesters that think Apple was some non-capitalist company, Steve Jobs took full advantage of Capitalism.

- Hard work sometimes pays off. Other times, it gets you nowhere

- The key to winning over a woman is humor. Be funny, make her laugh, make sure to have some physical contact. Keep your guard up and your game on. You’re always in danger of ending up on the “just a friend” list

- I laugh, cry, get angry, emotional, and everything in between. I don’t have a fear of expressing my emotions. They are there. There’s no reason to shove them into your stomach.

- Sports are very important. They teach you lessons for life. Team sports are not life. An individual sport, such as triathlon or running, is much better for the soul

- If someone doesn’t like you, it’s hard to not take it personally. I don’t think you should conform to everyone though.

- Your job should never, ever, rule your life. It should be the other way around

- People’s expectations of you are going to be unreasonable. Your expectation of yourself is also usually unreasonable. Go easy on yourself every now and then. Sometimes, it’s not your fault

- There is nothing as pleasurable as a quiet moment in a chair with a good cup of coffee

- Advice will come at you from all corners. Most of it is meant well, but most of it is also garbage

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