Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching Up

Okay, so quite a bit has happened since the last time I blogged.

While I did get over the initial death plague, I think Brandon's flu triggered a repeat performance (that, or it was a really weird extended case of food poisoning). In any case, I feel like I haven't done anything this month. I feel weak and out of shape and blah.

But! I did not come here to post about depressing things. I came here to talk about the good that's happened recently.

- Way earlier this month, we went snowshoeing.
What what. No, I don't know what I'm doing here.

- On Valentine's Day, we went for a nice bike ride outside as it was the first day in a while I didn't feel like death. However, I don't have pictures of that (even though I did stash the camera in the bento). So, instead, you get pictures of us all dressed up and not in workout crap!
Valentine's Day
Snazzy. We gorged ourselves on French food and ice cream that night. Tasty.

- Thanks to Kris and Mark, we have been initiated into the Pain Cave. I survived my first go around ... although I didn't quite complete it to 100% of satisfaction. Let's put it this way - Coach Troy would have been yelling at me for slacking at one point. :( Still, Pain Cave on Skippy while sick is better than nothing. Plus it got me on the damn bike (and actually on the same day I posted this).

Brandon tried out the Pain Cave a few days later ... right at the start of what would be his death plague (or the flu. either way). This was the result (and the picture he was talking about):
Death by Skippy

A few things of note in this picture:
1.) Brandon's shirt. Woo Vegas half!
2.) Brandon's bike (and Skippy). The two of them look so smug, don't they?

- We learned that Kris and Mark may be joining us for IM Boulder 70.3 ... which would be SO FREAKING AWESOME OMG.

- We have a wedding registry now. Yay. Now we need another one ... and need to do more wedding-y crap (seven months!).

- Lastly, I FINALLY RAN AGAIN TODAY! For the first time in like three weeks (... the 4th or 6th i want to say). It was hard and I felt like I walked half of it, but I managed a whole three miles. Go me. On the plus side, my time still wasn't all that bad, comparatively, so yay.

Since I think I'm finally back to relative normal health *crosses fingers*, I hope to finish out this month strong so I can start March on a good note. Today was a good start.


  1. Great post and you two look fantabulous in the Valentine's Day pic :)

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! Took me 2-3 runs before I wasn't totally exhausted after being sick so take your time.

    I hope to get a post up soon AND look at 70.3 training plans. We have been carefully evaluating $$ and want to get our taxes done so we can budget for the Boulder 70.3 :D

  2. thanks Kris. We like the tie and shirt combo. We went to Express, and I tried to find a hat like Mark's, but couldn't. :-( And the dress was found at Nordstrom Rack. Sweet!

    I can't get back into running without being tired. I'm working on it though, slowly but surely.

    If there's anything we can do to help, let us know, ok? I can hook you up with buddy passes, which will help with the airline cost. Anything else, just let us know.