Saturday, February 12, 2011

Death Plague

All I want to say is that being sick sucks. And sucks hard.

Okay, slightly more than that. Today is Saturday. The last time I worked out was Wednesday (another SwimLabs session). Since then?

Thursday: Off, due to the first signs of the death plague.
Friday: Off. Had the day off from work; spent it entirely in bed due to death plague.
Saturday: Off. Tried to go to work. Made it in for about 30 minutes before I got sent home due to blacking out (not passing out). Granted, that was probably due to lack of food/hydration for the past few days, but y'know.

I've slept most of today, but luckily I've been able to drag myself up and out of bed to do normal people things (like shower!) so hopefully I'll be okay for a.) work tomorrow and b.) running. Even if it's two miles.

P.S. - Kris, I know I don't have the death plague that befell you, but ugh, I feel your sickness pain.

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