Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Round-Up

Oh lordy this is going to be depressing to write. :(

So February. I'm so glad it was a short month and I'm so glad it's OVER. It was rough working out this past month due to two major factors:

1. The cold snap early in the month which made it hard to run.
2. The two rounds of death plague that hit me.

Yeah. As a result, the numbers ain't pretty.

Running: 9.62 mi (average went down ~20 sec./mi)(lowest mileage total since December 2009)
Swimming: negatory on the mileage, but swam twice. One lesson, one other.

Cycling (outside): 10.48 mi (average went down about 1 mph)
Cycling (Skippy): 21.36 mi
Lifting: four sessions
Other: one Wii Fit, one yoga, one snowshoeing

Still, I said back in my January Round Up post that if I could limp through February, I could "start March with new hope, new focus and new plans." Well, I definitely barely limped through February (13 off days. that's near half the month!), a month that had my lowest run mileage in over a year, so March can go nowhere but up.

I aim to do a lot more than I did in both January and February (probably combined; let's not kid ourselves here) and I know that it's going to be tricky, especially since I'm driving out to Minnesota for about a week for the WCHA Final Five. That week will most likely be a run-heavy week as a result. Still, this is probably our last good month of base building before Vry Srs training begins for Boulder, so I've got to make it a good one. We've got to make it a good one.

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