Sunday, February 6, 2011

January Round-Up

So, I'm a bit late with this. Stupid work. Stupid snow. Stupid ... February.

But we're not here to talk about the armpit of months. We're here to talk about January ... a month that felt kind of craptastic and appears to be so in regards to the numbers, but actually wasn't really.

Let's move onward to the numbers to see what I'm talking about, shall we?

Running: 32.89 mi
Swimming: negatory on the mileage, but did swim three times. Just doing drills and crap that I'm not tracking in terms of speed/distance.
Cycling (outside): 10.21 mi (LOVE how i can have this here)

Cycling (Skippy): 40.11 mi
Lifting: six sessions
Other: one erg (rowing machine) session, one yoga, one Wii Fit, one pond hockey, one snowshoeing.

The following is what I got out of the crap when reviewing my workout log:

- I ran more in January than I did in six months of last year.
- I was on a bike six times last month and did 50 miles. 10 outside. That's how much Skippy sucks.
- Swimming is so hard right now that as much as I know I need to hit the pool it's so incredibly difficult because I am just that frustrated. Luckily, I'm going back to SwimLabs on Wednesday (and dragging brandon with).
- Lifting actually hasn't gone all that bad, considering.
- LOVE that I did a lot of random other crap last month ... especially because I'm technically in the offseason.

So, what's for February? Survival*. As I think the great scholar Garfield the Cat once said, February is the Monday of months. The only good thing about it is it's short and therefore will be gone soon.

It just sucks right now because this entire month (short as that may be) has been a snowy pile of crap. I'm looking out the window at tree branches with an inch or so of snow on them. I think I've managed to run ONCE so far this month when the sidewalks cleared off enough to run on. Yes, I could treadmill it, but I'm stubborn and refuse.

Right now, as far as I'm concerned, I can limp through this month of crappiness and then start March with new hope, new focus and new plans**.

In the meantime, I really hope the stupid weather gets better. This much snow for us (without random melt days) is actually kind of bizarre.

* So, since we want to survive the month, our theme is "Burning Heart (and lungs)." Blame me for this one. "Survival" seemed like a ... well, not motivational theme, so I went from "Survival" to "Survivor" and therefore "Burning Heart." The "(and lungs)" got added on because it's just been that ass-cold out lately.

** Like a new lifting plan found on the interwebs. Will eventually blog about that. Maybe. Hopefully.

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