Thursday, September 23, 2010

TBD Ghetto Half-Marathon Training Plan

So in one of our recent comments, Kris asked us to share what we're doing for half-marathon training.

As I've mentioned ... either here or somewhere else on the interwebs ... that our "plan" is something I cobbled together one afternoon. It's very loosely based on some other programs I've seen, with no specific days for running so we can fit it into our non-traditional work schedules. Also keep in mind that this is our first half-marathon and we really don't know what we're doing. Hopefully though, this will work.

We're also in week two of the plan. All of the dates are "week ending dates" ... therefore, the Sunday of said week. This is based off of counting back from race date which is December 5. All the shorter runs have also been fairly balls-out ... though that may change once our "short" runs get to five-six miles (which still feels really long). At that point, we may end up splitting the end runs to a tempo and a speed work.

Hill work is not included as every run around here involves at least one giant freaking hill.

9/19 - 2-3 miles ... 6 miles ... 2-3 miles
9/26 - 2-3 miles ... 7 miles ... 3-4 miles
10/3 - 3-4 miles ... 8 miles ... 3-4 miles
10/10 - 3-4 miles ... 8 miles ... 4-5 miles
10/17 - 4-5 miles ... 9 miles ... 4-5 miles
10/24 - 4-5 miles ... 9 miles ... 5-6 miles
10/31 - 5-6 miles ... 10 miles ... 5-6 miles
11/7 - 5-6 miles ... 11 miles ... 5-6 miles
11/14 - 4-5 miles ... 12 miles ... 4-5 miles
11/21 - 4/5 miles ... 10.5 miles ... 3-4 miles
11/28 - 3-4 miles ... 8-9 miles ... 2-3 miles
12/5 - ... undecided. Probably two shorter runs and, obviously, 13.1 miles to finish.

All of this is alongside two lifts a week and attempting at least one swim and one bike a week as well as cross-training.

So far ... it's going well. Lifts and runs have been going mostly to plan, but the cross-training has been faltering due to life. My concern with this is my knee. If you recall from BolderBOULDER training ... I started having knee issues when running longer distance weeks. However, when having longer distance run weeks in RattleSnake training ... knee pain was no issue.

At the time, I thought it may have been due to shoes (and part of it probably was). However, I'm realizing now that it's probably due to the vast amount of cross-training I was doing. So I'm going to try to make that a focus as well.

In general, though, that's what we're up to. It's been working out to runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays/Sundays thus far, but that might change later ... especially since MOST training plans involve the long runs on the weekend. This is probably mostly due to the fact that most races are on the weekend, but also due to the fact that most plans are written for the 9-to-5er ... not people who may have their off days on Monday and Thursday, for example. We're also trying to do our long runs together, too, and Brandon's schedule has had him off Wednesday-Friday lately.

Okay, it's late and I'm just rambling now, so I'm going to end this. Wee.

Team Baby Dinosaur does not promise half-marathon success with this plan. In fact, they haven't finished it themselves so have no idea how it'll work for you. If it sounds good to you though, sure, give it a try. Just don't blame us if something goes wrong.


  1. For some reason, I always thought that if you can run X miles ion training, you can run 2X miles in a race. Your training plan should be more than enough from that concept. I can't advise you on your knee since I don't know what you are experiencing. The most common problem seems to be Patello-femoral syndrome, which can be helped with knee extensions, very low weight, high rep. It can be done with a few books in a back pack over the foot with your knee over the back of a chair. Three times a day, 30 reps. If you have PT syndrome the cause is an uneven development of the quads, leading to a twisted patella with running. The cure is to even up the quad with knee extensions. Like I said I don't know what you are experiencing so this tutorial may not be what you need.

  2. Looks like you guys need more recovery weeks in there, continuously increasing mileage each week until taper is a recipe for disaster and injury.

  3. This looks pretty close to what I was doing, and it worked for me.

    I do agree with the anonymous commenter--I'd throw in a couple weeks of reduced mileage to let yourselves recover. It will feel odd, but it will be good for you.
    The week of my half, I ran 3 times: a 4, a 3, and a 2. You won't want to do a lot of mileage that week, but it is going to be important to get out and move.