Sunday, September 5, 2010

August Round-Up

August was a month with very few bright spots.

In terms of numbers, it was the second worst month so far in terms of running and right around there when it comes to swimming. Sucky McSuckerson June was worse, but not by much.

One only needs to see how craptastic August was for me in terms of training by looking at the number of off days written in my workout log: 19. That's right, 19. In a month of 31 days. That's over half the month.

That's pathetic.

If I were to pull anything good out of August (silver lining and all that crap, if you will), it would be the following:

1.) First Olympic tri ... ever. Granted, enough bad can and has been said about it, but we're looking for positives right now, mmkay?
2.) With all the off days, I should be nice and rested to start half-marathon training.

... I'm not really buying that crap either, people.

Still, I should just get the number part over with ...

Running: 19.07 miles (average went up about 10 seconds/mile ... mostly blamed to the tri)(second worst mileage month of the year)
Swimming: 2.46 miles (average went up about one minute/mile)
Cycling: 62.89 miles (average stayed about the same)
Lifting: three sessions (which i've come close to already in september)
Other: one tri, one softball game

If we want to get technical up in here, two of August's off days were very active off days, in which I walked around a whole hell of a lot (Mall of America, Minnesota State Fair), but I don't count that crap.

September will be a month of renewal. Better diet and slowly getting back on track. Starting to put in the miles for that pesky little half-marathon, but mostly building back up that strength base in the weight room. And hopefully some quality time with our yoga DVDs, as my stress level is starting to go up thanks to all the *bag customers at work.

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