Saturday, September 18, 2010

How September has been going

I talked about making changes awhile ago. As Dr. J put it, don't be like our current politicans and actually show some results. Two blog posts about politics? Yeah...

Anyway, I'm sitting here in Syracuse and in a blogging mood. I've been contemplating the changes that T and I have made over the month of September. Making better choices. Working harder. Not making excuses. Obviously, these changes don't happen overnight. But with effort, hard work, determination, and support, they happen.

For instance, T and I are both training for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in Las Vegas, cheering on our friends Kris and Mark as they run the full marathon and enjoying hanging out with the newlyweds! T put together a crude training plan for both her and I to follow. The reason we put together our own is anything you find in magazines/books is strict and doesn't allow for leeway. Any of you that follow our blog know that my schedule is highly erratic at best and exhausting at worst. There are times where I am physically unable to work out due to logistics or other factors. This plan allows us for flexibility. It also is building us up at the pace that I am quite frankly used to from my other experiences.

Also, I mentioned awhile back that I've been uncomfortable with some weight that I have put on recently. I was making extremely poor choices when it came to food, which is unlike me in the first place, and quite frankly, was very frustrating. Of course, the justifications for making those choices were numerous, but pathetic. So T and I have made the commitment to make better choices. We're still not perfect and have slipped every now and then this month, but for the most part, we're doing a fine job. As I said earlier, these changes don't happen overnight.

I think part of making these changes is also making some better decisions mentally. As you all know, I'm commuting to the east coast quite a bit for my job. It's rough and hard. And yet, being negative about it is only going to hurt me. That can't help me in terms of my training, so making life changes will help me as well. At the very least, focusing on the positives in my life will certainly help me out.

On that note, time for a short run. Syracuse looks flat and farmy. This should be pleasant. :-)


  1. That all sounds great, Brandon! I feel my hand moving toward the ballot to put a big X by yours and T's names!

  2. Aw, I used to follow T on her other blog and just now realized that this is the same T with the same Brandon I used to read all about before! I missed you guys! It sounds like you are keeping up with your racing and your goals - very exciting about the Ironman!! Enjoy Vegas, I've heard that 1/2 is awesome!

  3. You two will be awesome in Vegas! Will you share your training plan? We have the same problem that most magazine/online schedules are hard to flex but we have put our marathon schedule together from a great training book Mark has. At least once a week we end up re-arranging something. It happens to everyone, but as long as you aren't consistently missing the longer mileage days, I promise all will be well and you will be superstars at the half. Can't wait to see you there!