Monday, August 30, 2010

Official Olympic Photos

Thanks go out to Portraits by Cris Photography, responsible for all the images you see here (yes, they're (c) PBC) and the snip tool in Windows Vista, without which this post would not be possible. Any funky formatting is thanks to Blogger and its craptastic format for uploading photos from one's computer.

The first set of photos are of Brandon; set two is of yours truly.

Brandon starting his second swim lap.
Brandon flashing the photog some ... sign ... while on the GOOD portion of the bike.

Brandon chugging along on the run.

Brandon on the run ... looking like he's in some pain.

Getting ready to touch the finish sign.

Crossing the finish mat.
So there's Brandon. And even though I'm in the midst of dealing with captions ... OMG I HATE BLOGGER SO MUCH. Now pics of me. Yay.
Not looking great on the bike.

Looking a little better on the bike.

I'm surprised this actually shows me running. I didn't notice photogs on the run course.

One of the few times I was able to pick it up a bit.

On my final sprint. Look at that crazy left arm muscle!

Attempting to hit the watch ... which was waterlogged and ended up dying. Stupid Timex.

Crossing the line while successfully hitting the watch. Yay.

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