Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Round-Up

To say the least, July WAS better than June. Of course, given how June went, it really didn't have a choice to be otherwise.

There were obviously things I could have improved upon and done better in July that I didn't, but overall, July was a month of bright spots. For example:

* First tri of the season
* First time cracking 30:00 in the Lone Tree 5K
* First 8 mile run
* Highest swimming total month EVER

Woot, right? We also did three open water swims in July (not including the tri) which I think is the most ever for me in a month. Of course, I should have been doing those more often as it is, so y'know.

Anyway, numbers!

Running: 43.27 miles (average went up .3 seconds/mile. seriously.)(second highest mileage month of the year)
Swimming: 6.12 miles (average went up about 30 seconds/mile)(highest mileage month of lifetime)
Cycling: 66.79 miles (average went down about a half a mile per hour)(second highest mileage month of the year)
Lifting: one session (... no comment. *sigh*)
Other: one tri, two softball games

We're five days into August and it hasn't been too bad so far ... although August's numbers may be slightly skewed as our A/main multisport race of the season is in about a week and a half (read: tapering shortly) and we're hoping for a short Minnesota vacation about a week and a half after that to stuff ourselves with crap at the State Fair and maybe, only maybe fit in a workout.

To get back on track with the whole July talk, I think we both realized (but me definitely fo' sho') things that we need to focus on SO MUCH MORE for next year and how to do our training. I already have schemes of what I need to do this winter so as not have to start over from scratch as I typically am wont to do.


First things first: August and RattleSnake. Schemes and other dreams can come later.

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