Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome to our new blog! For those of you joining us from Inspiration Stardust Dreams, this blog will be somewhat of what we first started to try to be, in terms of workouts and everything.

However, as we've both made the transition over to triathlon as our main sport, we're hoping to have this as a way to chronicle our journey through our move onward and upward through the sport of triathlon as well as running. After all, we're moving up to the Olympic distance this year in triathlon as well as the 10K AND half-marathon distances in running. Trust me, we're scared too, but looking forward to the challenge.

So, join us here on our journey. We'll post workout updates, questions, problems and challenges that arise and whatever else we might feel like sharing, whether it be news or video or pictures (i'm going to try to do more of that here) or hell, even recipes.

So, once again, welcome! ... and excuse our metaphorical dust these first few days (weeks ...) as we get this new blog up and running for good.

And as for the name ... it's a long story. The Cliffs Notes (sparknotes?) version is that Brandon makes weird mmmrrraaing noises. I told him shortly after we first started dating that he sounded like a baby dinosaur. Therefore, he became baby dinosaur boyfriend (now fiance) and I'm baby dinosaur girlfriend (fiancee) and this eventually turned into us being Team Baby Dinosaur. I'm planning on getting us shirts and everything at some point, too.

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